October 14, 2008

A Memorable Poem

From Friendster Blog. Posted April 29, 2007

I received a comment from a reader for this post. And it really feels good to be acknowledged.

i smile. i laugh hard.

but that doesn’t mean i’m happy.

though i seem to be,

do you really think i am?

i listen, but i don’t understand.

'coz i don't give a damn

with things my mind can’t bear..

i’m thinking of something..

i’m thinking of what to think about..

but my mind has nothing..

i can feel..

but somehow i think i’m numb..

i can see..

but in a way i’m blind..

insensitive yet knowledgeable..

knowledgeable in the sense that

i know i’m insensitive.

but said i’m also blind in a way.

so am i really insensitive?

or just blind not see.

and eventually not to feel?

is insensitivity subjective or objective?

am i imposing it or this is what i really am?

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