December 9, 2008

Pinapatunayan mong pang HS ka lang.

Definition of terms:
HS - Human Sexuality; Isang concept namin nung 1st sem under Maternal & Child Nursing, all about things regarding the 3-letter word sex.
ICF - Intracellular Fluid
ECF - Extracellular Fluid

Tuesday last week, natapos na ang concept na Oxygenation kay Sir Basmayor. That would mean a new concept for the next meeting (Fluids & Electolytes). That next meeting started yesterday. New concept, new lecturer. And I don't think we can still stand her for the next 4 days of lecture...

1st Encounter in the 4 hours long NCM.
* She's late.
* She just discussed (or rather oo4 discussed) anatomy of the Urinary System and some electrolytes. It took her time before she finished writing the electrolytes and their charges which she asked from us. She had this alibi of "Mas madali ko kasing matandaan 'pag dinrawing ko. May acronym kasi ko 'don." But even after she drawn whatsoever, she still cannot easily get what's suppose to be in the ICF or ECF.
* When somebody mentioned that another part of the Urinary System is the urethra, I cannot recall from where did she started questioning 'Are the boys really visual?'. She asked almost all the boys what part of a girl / boy (if a gay) are they sexually attractive to. I just cannot see the relevance. Plus, almost half of the time in the discussion was just alloted to that part, which was not even necessary for the Fluids and Electrolytes.
* She gave a 40-item quiz.

2nd Encounter:
* As I would quote Niko's GM:
Mga natutunan sa NCM today.
- Osmosis needs ATP
- 'K' ang Calcium
- Pwedeng pambura ng whiteboard ang panty liner.
"Yah that's right!"
"Very good. Very good."
"That's nice. "
"Nandyan naman yan sa handouts diba?"
* According to her OWN handouts. Osmosis and diffusion (which she actually spelled difussion on the whiteboard) are under Passive transport. So where the hell did she brought up a question like "What among these 2 needs energy?"

* She even differentiated the two (Os&Diff) as to the permeabilty of the membranes. She said that in osmosis, there is a membrane while in diffusion, there is none. O.O

* When a classmate of ours recited, she threw this lines on her "Ay ang ganda niya o. Mukha siyang G.R.O."

* She was insisting about giving a quiz when all the while she really had taught nothing. Everything was an argument whether or not what she said was true or whether we'll believe her or not.


  1. Ang benta nung GM. Haha. Akala ko pa naman nilalagay sa pilot yung magagaling na prof. Sino ba yan? LOL

  2. Walang iba kung hindi si Mam Reyno. HAHA. Grabe talaga siya mylabs, gusto kong videohan at ipakita sa Coor kung karapat-dapat ba siyang maging lecturer. HAHA.