October 22, 2009

It's been hell of a week.

Finally, first sem's over and it's officially sembreak. :)
Let me just list down the things that kept me from blogging, no matter how strong my urge to write was:
1) Make-up duties.

2) Humanities shoot and video editing.

3) Research.
At last, we're done with this sh*t. Last 16th, Group 16 (our group) were the last persons to leave the school (which was at about 10:45 PM already), because of our defense! Yeah, we stayed that late 'cause we're the last group and would you believe that after the 6-hours-of-waiting, we've only defended our thesis for 20 minutes?

4) Final Exams.
10.17. The day after defense, we had exams for the our 3 subjects. Yeah, just three... 'cause we only got three subjects, you know.

5) Revalida.
10.18. Glad, it turned out well! :) I was lucky to get one of the easiest topics and questions I think. Thank God.

6) Make up classes and unit exams.

7) Comprehensive Exam.
10.20. This is actually, come-what-may to me. Not worried too much about this. :) Though it's weight is actually the same with that of revalida.

I actually have a few stories to tell and some rantings to do. But I guess not now. And I also guess, some of those are better left untold. :) Just because the word RESPECT is on my vocabulary.

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