October 3, 2009

My Choice - Nursecissism!

I've been following this blog back when I was still in my sophomore year in college; and now I'm already a senior. :)
I got to know about her (Ate Xyla) blog from one of my best friends in college who happens to be a teentalker. Though I was not in the line of teentalking as they are, still, her blog didn't fail to caught my attention. Basically because of the following reasons:

1) We share the same love for colorful stuffs.
2) It is through her that I knew about digital scrapbooking. (Which, I really find cool.)
3) I can relate with her posts because I'm a student nurse.
4) She's a product of FEU-IN. (That makes me love and be proud of my school more.ΓΌ)

So there it is.
My Vote for the 2009 Bloggers' Choice Award (National) goes to NURSECISSISM. :)
If we share the same thoughts, join me in supporting her.
You can also vote (esp. for non-bloggers) here: http://www.flippish.com/nokia-voting-page/


  1. Yey! Found out last night that I first had to create an entry as to why I should vote for her before I could actually cast it. Supposed to do it tonight pero bukas na lang. :P

    Go Ate Xyla!

  2. Haha! I promised this to her last night, pero ngayon ko lang nagawa. :] You see, we really share lotsa things. :*