February 24, 2010

Wala Akong Sasaluhin

To my anonymous/somehow-known-stalker,

I know you've been checking on my page every now and then to look for an update. I'm also thinking you've been repeatedly pressing on the F5 or right-click refresh to look for something I have written before but eventually you just leave in dismay because it's already nowhere to be found. Thank you for being responsible in the many hits being added in my hit counter, but so sad it's been the indicator of your stalking to this blog of mine.

If I would post that previous blog entry you're probably looking for, you can find NOTHING AGAINST YOU. So please stop reacting overly. In the first place, it's not addressed to you, so why bother read it? It's a bad manner, isn't it? But I'll let that go, since everybody can access this blog since it's public. But you should also consider the fact that this is MY BLOG and I CAN EXPRESS WHATEVER I WANT TO HERE. Respect is the key. And I'm not the type to engage in fights like this.

The guy is yours and yours alone, why still feel insecure? He's all yours. We're (guy&me) supposed to be friends after everything. But if this is the case, though we do not even talk with each other anymore, I'll try to interact with him lesser. TRUST IS ONE KEY TO A GOOD RELATIONSHIP. :) Hindi ka niya bibitawan; magtiwala ka.

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