March 18, 2010


I'm planning to be less exposed to this radiation-emitting box in front of me. I want to have a 'life' outside this, plus I'm preventing this vertigo-like feeling once I'm out of it. It's been days since a real vacation started and it has been so far, all that I am doing. So yeah, a hiatus again. But not on my 365. As you've noticed I get rid of all the images here. It's now on another spot, just click 365 above to get there.

I have also re-published a post I turned into draft for some reason; for some reasons also that I'm posting it again. :D

I'm bum and I think they'll be naming me knock-knock queen in FB 'coz it's all I've been feeding them lately. But they're liking it so I'm happy.

I'm a bit upset the past days because of my cases (nursing thing). Hope to fix things soon.

As what I've tweeted on Twitter: "Oh come on April, pull the remaining days of March."

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