March 16, 2010

Ito'y Hindi Paalam, Ito'y Mamaya Lang

This is for us who are nearing the end; not really the end but an end to start something new.

This is for the four years of little social life knowing that affording one would be a threat in you grades. This is for the countless sleepless nights we have either shared together or apart just to finish the endless paper works required of us. This is for the times we are about to breakdown from all the stress we are experiencing. This is for the fights, may it be big or just indifference, we got to be involved in group works. This is for me, for you, and for those lives we have encountered along the journey.

For those first people I befriend with from Day 1, I am glad beyond what you know, that it was you who became my friends. That was almost two years of staying together and sharing all the laughter and of course bearing with the rants of my first broken heart. Though it needs to be cut short because of that Logic subject, we never really parted ways. Seeing each other was lesser but the friendship wasn't. More than parting sections, some of us needs to be farther and be in other schools. This also goes to that someone who have made two years of my college life even more meaningful, happy, and whatever positive adjectives you can think of. Thanks my Singles/Muzshies, B26 and B27 family and you know who you are.

Sad but we've all moved on and found new people to be the object of the 'lost' friends. We shared an equally same friendship with them which I guess was strengthened by new addition in the activities as student nurses- the 'duty'. They are those we sit beside at school, those we ride in different types of transpo with, those we eat at the same place with, and some times to the point of sleeping on the same floor with. These are the people whom you can say you've not only shared the happy times with but also those nerve-racking, stressful moments too. Thanks my JEGEL (from original Group 134) and Sweet16 family.

For those people who have either inspired us or degraded us, this is for you. This now is the proof that there's no way we'll not make it 'til here. So we want to thank you for the knowledge, for the guidance, and the patience. This also goes to the clients/patients who we've once taken care of, whether we've been appreciated or not, we still thank you. But of course, a special thanks to those who really never failed to tap us on the back and say "Goodluck ha. Sana pumasa ka," or much better "Kaya mo yan, goodluck sa board."

This is for our hardwork. This is for us, friends. Kudos Batch 2010. :)

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