March 21, 2010


Being on one of the pilot classes of our batch, I'm surrounded by people hopeful of the latin honors. Honestly, yes, I also do hope for that. But not as much as they do. I have long ago let go of that dream since that 'tres' I got from my literature class. :] I didn't spend much time computing whether I can get in or not, all I know I'm 0.04 behind of the 'cum' last semester.

But there's still this inch of me that regrets not being one of the awardees. A voice telling me I cold have done better. :] There's this three subjects that could have changed everything in today's time point. Two of them I blame on the professor. As one fanpage in FB says 'Minsan hindi sa estuyante, minsan sa Prof talaga."' The remaining, I blame how far my place is.

Rizal course and Literature, where I got 2.5 and 3.0 respectively, are those subjects that no matter how hard I really try to get high scores, I just can't seem to. These are those subjects too that I should, at least, be thankful that I was able to get a passing grade. I should be thankful? Eh, whatever.

Then came this another subject, Community Development, where all misfortune happens to me every schedule of this subject. And again, I should at least be thankful I passed. Eh, whatever. :D

So there, goodbye latin honors forever. :]

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