July 11, 2010

Hey Y'all

It's 2 AM and I'm writing this. It's been days since I have this site on run again but it's only now that I'm posting after my review-related hiatus. I really have no particular thing on mind to write about, I just felt like typing and all. So I guess this one's going to be so random. Haha.

I just took the licensure examination exactly a week ago. That's a two-day exam with 500 items, and all will agree with me when I say that it's HARD/ DIFFICULT. That should not have surprised me, twas a BOARD EXAM I'm taking! It's supposed to be difficult. It is.

So exactly for a week now, I've been bored inside our house, with the computer as my bestfriend most of the time. If others are using him, then I got the TV on rescue and once in a while my cellphone to exchange messages with friends. I have also done re-reading Dear John, explaining my quote posts in Twitter. And I have a little Sudoku book when boredom strikes at its peak.

I have missed about 7 episodes of Glee during the review days. But now I'm on Episode 20/22, so I can still catch up on that before the new season begins. :)

I have received a foul formspring question/hatemail weeks before the exam. Of course I didn't answered it because I'm not the type. Apathy is the best revenge. But I wish I know who she/he is so I can tell her/him why she's acting that way. At least I can help by that.

Now I grew tired of typing. Good morning/night.

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