July 28, 2010


Seems like I'm back to school again. I'm currently on my training as a call center agent for a company just near our place. Today, we've just finished the third day of our foundation training, and that's 6AM to 2 PM. It's all about the english language for this week; grammar, pronunciation, diction, intonation, liaisons, etc. Nothing really special had happened so far after the board exams. I've made new friends out of the application processes and now the training, though.

I'm enjoying this so far. Compared to bumming in the house, this better eat up my time because we're paid for the training. Hihi. The best thing with the company, you get a free meal for your shift. So that's really a great help. specially if you're saving up. Instead of the almost a hundred worth of meal if you'll be eating outside, you only get to allot your money for transpo. Another thing with the meal, we also don't get to spend much on the junk foods because our trainer Perry gives out prices for the activities. And so far, the group I belong in swept all of it.

So there, I know how lame this post is. :) My apologies but nothing really interesting has happened. And please still pray for me to pass the board exams. Thank you!

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