August 2, 2010

Twisted 21

What a day to end the foundation training of our wave (wave 21). Our last day was supposed to be just a phone simulation test, then the announcement of who are those who made it for the 75% requirement, then contract signing in QC.

But nothing happened as we have expected it to be. There were business issues that arose and the sad news kept coming.
1. Only 5 will be pushing through the original account. Meaning, our wave will be divided to different accounts. :(
2. They canceled the phone-si test realizing that the news would really
affect that test.
3. Surprised interview for everyone by people of other accounts (back-up accounts for those who'll not make it to the 5).
4. After canceling the test, now they're saying the test cannot not continue. So yeah, we still did that 'ring-ring' thing.
5. A close friend should have been with me in the original account but she cannot get her NBI clearance under married name. :(
6. 4 are still left with no accounts though they passed the foundation training. They still have to wait, in that case. :( 2 didn't pass the foundation training. :( While 5 needs to complete their requirements first before knowing what they need to do next.

Despite all these, everyone is still positive, which I really like with this new found friends. They made me appreciate how lucky I am with my life and they are the living proofs that stories in TV really happens. ;)

And by the way, I topped the wave in terms of the grade. :) But Perry didn't gave me a prize like he promised to. Maybe 'cause he was also drained from all the news and it really showed in his aura; take into consideration that we're his FIRST training class, and all of that happened, poor Perry. :P

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