August 31, 2010

Of Faith and Dengue

She's this woman slowly unfolding in front of me. I realized that night, you cannot really know everything in a person; much more, they are not who you thought they are.

It's almost a month since I met her. At that time, all I knew was that she likes to wear a white top, black pants, with red nails, headband, and bag and that she's the only trainer in our account. Days passed and I got to know more about her. She mentioned that she has a boyfriend but in one of our activities she argued that she doesn't believe in marriage. No wonder why a supposed-to-be-married woman like her is still single in the civil status. Aside from those revelations, I learned that she's this perky but moody type of person. She's accommodating but a bit intimidating. And most of all she laughs carelessly that you wouldn't get a hint that she's going through something.

After a week, we got the chance to stay in the production floor and there we saw her station. What caught our eyes is the picture of a cute little girl in her workplace. One of my co-trainees had the guts to ask if she's her daughter. She answered a yes. And my co-trainee followed up with a question of how old is she, she answered "She's five."

One night after the 15-minute break, one of her previous trainees, who happened to be studying in a seminary before, approached her and talked about something outside of work. I was stationed just in front of her so I got to hear everything. After a few minutes, their topic switched to something that made her burst out saying "Walang D'yos. Kung may D'yos hindi sana namatay ang anak ko. Wag mo kong piliting maniwala."

I was shocked with what I heard. I suddenly remembered the pictures on her station and tried to understand that the cute little girl in those photos is already dead. And that what she meant with "she's five" is "she WAS five".

A lot of questions clouded my mind; did it happen way long ago because she seems to be coping up well now, what is the reason for the kid's death that it has to come to the point of losing her faith.

These were answered a few days after the incident happened. One of our boss who's close to her told the story to one of my co-trainees. The kid just died about 5 months ago because of Dengue. Everyone thinks she's going to resign that time but she didn't. I bet she's strong enough not to; she raised the little girl alone as a single mom.

I know you are more than your name, Reverie.

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