December 12, 2011

Myeisha @ 1

Myeisha is the first baby of the barkada. And so far, she's the only one since Baby Seth didn't stay with us for long [Read here.]. As I can remember, she falls on the new Zodiac - Ophiuchus. December 11, 2010 is her exact birthday. This year, it fell on a Sunday. So luckily, we got to celebrate it on the exact date (that's lucky coz not all does, right?). Haha.

So as promised, here are some details/kwento from Baby Myeisha's first birthday. :) I'll just try to add pictures some other time when I get to grab more. Haha, Told you I don't bring my camera too often now. ;)

It's a candyland theme! There's a candy corner where guests can grab sweets (marshmallows, gummy bears, worms, pretzels, etc) and a chocolate fondue too. 

Marc and Aiyee were in a yellow couple shirt. Words MOM and DAD were printed at the back of it. :)
Baby Myeisha was in catchy cute outfits. She's already on her second outfit in this picture. Hey it's her day!

There were the usual clowns and games. There weren't too many kids in party though, so they're the same kids who wins the prizes (I think that's nice because everyone gets something). But I think the adults enjoyed watching too. The kids are funny. :)

There were games for the adults too. An acting contest for the guys: TJ as Jake Cuenca, Jacob as Nova Villa, Odet as FPJ and the winner Bong as Gerald Anderson or Budoy rather. The game for girls is Hep! Hep! Hooray! Contestants were April, Misty, Carla and Steph. 

There were magic trick performances and a bubble show too. Baby Myeisha didn't like the clowns at all but it looks like she did enjoy the bubble show.

Her guest book was a unique scrap book where guests can write her messages as well (of course she'll only be able to read that when she knows how already.) The giveaways were mini candy machines that are actually functional. Cool. :)

It was a fun time for all. :) Happy birthday again Baby Myeisha!

Your Blogger Tita,

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