December 12, 2011

Rest Day... Almost

Today is my first rest day for the month of December. I've been working for 20 days straight now. 

But it turns out it's not actually a rest day after all. I was still asked to go to work because a regular client is scheduled for her biweekly treatment. I had informed ahead that I'll be on a rest day but if the treatment's to happen in the morning, then I'll come to assist.

Last night, client said she'll be coming the next morning. But while I was waiting for her earlier, she changed mind and said she'll be coming after lunch. I was like, 'hey I woke up early to go here then you're telling me that?'

As I have said, it'll all be fine if it's in the morning. I can't help if it's later than that because I have a party to attend to - Myeisha's first birthday party! I'll prolly blog about that tomorrow or the day after once the pictures are uploaded. Haha. I seldom bring my camera with me nowadays. So I have to wait for friends' uploads and grab them for documentation. Haha. It was a fun day still coz I get to see my girls again. 

Now next on the list: Christmas Party.

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