October 18, 2008

What We Thought Was For Long...

... needs to be cut short.

It was just saddening how it had to halt when it was not even close to reaching the peak.

Maybe that was the point of all this, to stop it before it's stronger... before the bonds become unbreakable, and before the hurting gets much harder once they try to do it later on.

I never believed them to be an end. For all ends should be happy; and this feeling I have now is far from happy. I feel like a hopeless soul trying to wake up to what I dream to be just a nightmare. But no matter how I slap my face, the more I realize, indeed, it's reality I'm living now, I'm facing now, I'm hurting with now.

To think it would just be a fraction of my whole college life, I feel depressed more than ever. I or we rather, had encountered numerous bulletin boards in this entire Institute-of-Nursing-life, but I consider this last one as to the one that hit me the hardest. I've spent longer time in my AHSE days but it never brought me to much depression IN is giving me now.

They were never the perfect blockmates. But that what makes me love them more. They have differences that goes well, which is good. I just plain love them., no questions.

... and it sucks to be away from them, from now on...

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  1. I commented on your multiply version of this entry. Haha. So yeah, I hate what they did. I have been hearing rants fom everyone. Sick.